John Weeks

John Weeks is Professor Emeritus of Development Economics, SOAS, University of London. He has advised many international organizations and governments, most recently the central bank of Zambia. His books include a theoretical critique of mainstream macroeconomics, The Irreconcilable Inconsistencies of Neoclassical Macroeconomics (Routledge 2013), and for the general reader The Economics of the 1%: How mainstream economics serves the rich, obscures reality and distorts policy (Anthem 2014).  In 2017 he co-authored a report on economic reform of the European Union.  He is a major critic of austerity policies in the UK and on the continent, author of the Prime Economics pamphlet Pain, No Gain: the Austerity Scam.  He is editor of the policy website Progressive Economists Group and Coordinator of the Progressive Economy Forum.  In January 2018 he gave the David Gordon Memorial Lecture at the American Economic Association meetings.