Guy Standing

Guy Standing is a labour economist and Professorial Research Associate at SOAS, University of London. He previously held chairs at SOAS and the universities of Bath (UK) and Monash (Australia). These followed a long career at the International Labour Organization, where he was Director of its Socio-Economic Security Programme and, earlier, of its Labour Market Policies Branch. His current research interests centre on basic income (he is a founder and honorary co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), an NGO promoting basic income as a right), the plunder of the commons and how to revive them, and rentier capitalism and the growth of the precariat. Recent books include Basic Income: And How We Can Make It Happen (2017); The Corruption of Capitalism: Why Rentiers Thrive and Work Does Not Pay (2016); A Precariat Charter: From Denizens to Citizens (2014); and The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class (2011).