Change Britain, Stop Brexit: A Lecture by Will Hutton

Leave voters were right; the British status quo is insupportable. Too many of our fellow citizens are leading lives haunted by lack of income and opportunity. British capitalism is not delivering. The answer was never to blame the EU and immigration, the unholy if politically adept message of Leavers. Rather, our problems have been firmly minted at home by a succession of policy failures that go back decades.

The result exposed deep economic and social divisons in our society, and this was decisive in persuading millions to vote against the status quo, mistakenly represented by the EU. In Change Britain, Stop Brexit, political economist and PEF Council member Will Hutton analyses the roots of those divisions and lays out a comprehensive programme of reform, best exploited if Britain remains a member of the European Union.

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Photo credit: Flickr / Giles Turnbull