PEF at the Labour Party Conference


25 September 2018
Labour Party Conference, Liverpool

This year’s Labour Party Conference came almost exactly a decade after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, one of the key turning points in the Global Financial Crisis. This was the focus of the Progressive Economy Forum’s fringe meeting, where we launched our first publication 10 Years Since The Crash: Causes, Consequences and the Way Forward and hosted a discussion on these themes, led by the following PEF Council members and authors of the pamphlet:

We were thrilled to be joined by delegates from Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) across the country and are grateful for their contributions, especially on how we can best help activists advocate for a progressive economics in their communities and on the doorstep – this has influenced our planned programme of work for the future. We were also happy to be joined by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, in a show of support for our work.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and PEF Chair Patrick Allen

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and PEF Chair Patrick Allen

As a way of focussing the debate on what a progressive economic policy would look like, we also discussed the burgeoning direction of our 100 Policies to End Austerity project, a series of progressive economic policy proposals in the form of short, clear blog posts, delivered in collaboration with openDemocracy and The Conversation. You can see the first few entries on our blog.

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Photo credit: Terry Kearney / Flickr