In the coming months, we will be publishing a number of resources on how we can move forwards to a progressive economy. These will include accessible informational and training materials on economics, technical briefings on key issues, and policy proposals from our Council. To keep updated on our work, please sign up to our updates mailing list here.


Jubilee 2022: Writing off the student debt

The Labour Party is committed to abolishing tuition fees from the day they enter office, but they lack a policy to deal with the outstanding unfair debt. Here, Professor Danny Dorling and Michael Davies propose a solution in the spirit of debt jubilees past – Jubilee 2022. Read more and download as a PDF here. 




10 Years Since The Crash: Causes, Consequences and the Way Forward

In this pamphlet – our first publication – we look back on the financial crisis 10 years on. The pamphlet is edited by Patrick Allen and built around four essays from our PEF Council members: Ann Pettifor writes on the root causes of the crash; John Weeks on the double harms of the crash and austerity; Johnna Montgomerie on the UK’s ‘debt economy’; and Stephany Griffith-Jones on a National Investment Bank as one way to revitalise the UK economy. Interspersed with these essays are a number of other resources: a timeline of the crash, summaries of the consequences of the crisis and austerity, and analysis of the changing Conservative narrative between 2008 and today. Read more and download as a PDF here.