Lord Robert Skidelsky

Robert Skidelsky is a crossbench peer and Emeritus Professor of Political Economy at Warwick University. He is best known for his major, three-volume biography of John Maynard Keynes (1983, 1992, 2000) for which he was awarded five literary prizes. He is also the author of Keynes: Return of the Master (2009), an analysis of the financial crisis; How Much is Enough? The Love of Money and the Case for the Good Life (2012), co-written with his son Edward; and co-editor of Austerity vs Stimulus (2017). He has recently written and filmed a series of lectures on the History and Philosophy of Economics, which will be made available as an open online course in partnership with the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET). His latest book Money and Government: A Challenge to Mainstream Economics was published by Allen Lane in September 2018, and he is now working on a book about automation and the future of work.