About the Progressive Economy Forum (PEF)


What is PEF?

The Progressive Economy Forum (PEF) is a group of economists who have come together to launch a new macroeconomic programme, founded on the progressive values of equality, dynamism and sustainability.

To this end, the Forum aims to develop, advocate and disseminate progressive policy ideas for the UK economy. PEF also seeks to inform the public, policy makers, politicians, activists and the media of the principles of progressive macroeconomics, and of the possibilities offered by this new programme.

PEF was founded by Patrick Allen. It was originally initiated in partnership with CLASS (the Centre for Labour and Social Studies), who remain represented on the council of economists. Patrick Allen is Chair of the council of economists and academics, while Prof John Weeks manages and coordinates the Council.

Find out who is involved in the Progressive Economy Forum here.

We will represent a diversity of views and encourage innovative analysis, sharing the following principles:

  • Economically informed citizens are essential to effective policy-making in a democratic society.
  • A strong public sector that provides essential social services, such as health, education, transport and housing, is the foundation of a fair society.
  • Active macroeconomic management, fully accountable to citizens, is key to achieving an equitable, dynamic and sustainable economy.


What is a Progressive Economy?

How we use and share our resources as a society is, in part, the result of the millions of decisions we make each day about what to with our own resources: where we spend our money, how we spend our time, and what we choose to create.

But it is also influenced by our institutions – our laws, our government and its policies, and so on. These social structures can be configured to promote certain ends. A progressive economy is an economy whose structure encourages dynamism, a fair or equitable sharing of resources and environmental sustainability.

Read more about what a ‘progressive economy’ is here..  

In May 2018, PEF and CLASS commissioned a survey on the public perception and understanding of economic issues. To see the results, click here.


Why the Economy Matters

Crucially, we can reprogramme our economy and its institutions to meet these progressive aims. But to do this, we need to understand how the economy works. That’s where economics comes in play. Economics equips us with the knowledge we need to take part in debates about how our economy is run – it gives us a say in decisions that affect every aspect of our lives.